Employer Liability for Drunk Driving After Holiday Party

This time of year, employer-sponsored holiday parties are frequent. Unfortunately, employees sometimes drink too much and drive, resulting in accidents that cause damage to vehicles, traumatic injuries and death. The employee can be charged with a crime in addition to facing civil litigation to cover the cost of damages, injuries, medical expenses and much more. In many cases, the employer could be held liable, becoming a source for compensation in a lawsuit.

If you have been injured in a drunk driving accident, you should not have to suffer physically and financially. Contact the John Mobley Law Firm. The drunk driver might not be the only party responsible for your damages and suffering. We know how to investigate accidents to find all liable parties to get you the compensation you deserve.

Here are some examples of when an employer could be held liable for damages in a drunk driving accident:
• A delivery driver has been drinking and causes an accident.
• A commercial truck driver causes an accident while impaired by alcohol.
• An employee is on a business trip, drinks too much, and causes a drunk driving accident.
• An employee attends a company-sponsored holiday party during which the company supplies alcohol. He/she drinks too much and causes an accident on the way home.

In these cases and similar instances, the employer could be held liable because the employee is performing duties within the scope of employment. Courts have ruled that employee holiday parties can be considered within the scope of employment.

What does that mean for you, the innocent victim injured by a drunk driver? It potentially means more compensation. If your drunk driving accident attorney can seek damages from the employee and employer, you stand to gain more compensation to cover:
• medical expenses
• damages to your vehicle (or replacement of your vehicle)
• loss of income (including future loss of income)
• treatment for permanent disabilities
• emotional/mental suffering
• physical pain and suffering
• and more.

If a drunk driver has injured you in an accident, contact the drunk driving accident lawyers at John Mobley Law Firm. We will fight aggressively to get you the compensation you deserve.