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If you have followed our previous posts, you have an idea of what you should do immediately following a car accident: get medical attention, secure evidence, and get the police report. All of a sudden there’s a lot to worry about. The next step is finding the right attorney for your personal injury claim. Below, we’ll go over the benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer and what to look for when picking the right one.

Dealing with Car Insurance Companies

The last thing you should worry about after a car accident is dealing with the insurance company. Thankfully, personal injury lawyers do this on a regular basis. They know how to negotiate with car insurance companies and will work to get you the best settlement possible. If you win, they win as well.

Trial Experience

When shopping for a personal injury attorney after an accident, keep a look out for attorneys that have experience taking cases to court. Attorneys who are afraid of taking claims to court will get run over by the insurance company. A personal injury lawyer who has a history of taking cases to court is much more likely to maximize your claim.

Talk to Past Clients

An experienced and successful personal injury lawyer should, when asked, permit you to speak with past clients. If they are a successful lawyer they should have no qualms about letting you get a review from former clients. There’s an immediate red flag if an attorney hesitates or prefers that you not speak to old clients. There’s a reason for that, and it’s probably not a good one.

Do They Look Successful?

Personal injury claims stemming from auto accidents can be very expensive endeavors. You need an attorney who has the resources at his or her disposal to do your claim justice. If your case is likely going to court, there are going to be quickly mounting costs for securing expert testimony and evidence. So, when you’re shopping for an attorney, take the time to look around their office. Do they have support staff? Does the office look well equipped? It sounds simple, but they need to look the part as injury claims can become very burdensome operations.

After you experience a car accident, it’s time to let a seasoned personal injury attorney handle the insurance company. The bottom line is that a successful personal injury attorney should be well equipped, have a proven track record, and should not shy away about taking your claim to court.