john mobley law firm repesentaion after an on-job- accident

Depending on what you do for a living and who you work for, getting hurt at work can be a scary prospect. If you’re not sure about your coverage, you could be facing huge medical bills and lost wages and time at work. It’s important that you know what steps to take should you ever get hurt at work.

First and foremost, if you get hurt on the job, tell a supervisor immediately. This should ideally be done in writing. The same goes for almost everything else in the process. Document everything you can in writing in order to create a record. Depending on what state you work in, there may be reporting requirements that mandate written notifications for workers’ compensation purposes.

It should go without saying, but your next step is to immediately go to the doctor. Again, depending on jurisdiction, you may be required to see a doctor approved by your company. Either way, seek medical attention as soon as possible. It’s in the best interest of your workers’ compensation claim for your injuries or illness to be documented as soon and as thoroughly as possible. You want your injury case to be as strong as possible, right?

By in large, the overwhelming majority of employers are required to have workers’ compensation insurance. In the event that they do not, you need to contact an on-the-job injury attorney or your state’s labor board as soon as possible. In instances like this, you might be eligible to sue your employer for negligence and lack of insurance.

 Do I Need a Lawyer?

As a rule of thumb, the moment there seems to be any type of confusion or complexity about an on-the-job injury or illness, you need a lawyer. This could stem from a disagreement about fault or the severity of the injury.

In many cases, employers will reject a workers’ compensation claim no matter its legitimacy, or they might fail to administer your benefits on time. Employers do this in hopes that the injured employee will not try to appeal their decision. The good news is that many workers’ compensation attorneys offer free consultations to evaluate your case.

Employers may also try to limit the amount of the settlement so it won’t fully cover your lost wages or medical expenses. Don’t leave it up to a judge to decide what you’re fairly owed. This is where workers’ compensation attorneys come in. If the settlement has to be decided by someone, leave it to a lawyer to fight for you, rather than a judge who has no real interest in your case.

What an On-the-Job Injury Attorney Will do for You

Unlike a judge, who has to remain impartial, a workers’ compensation attorney is going to fight tooth-and-nail to make sure you receive the best settlement possible. On-the-job injuries can quickly become messy and complicated affairs. The last thing an insurer wants to do is pay you what you deserve. Having an experienced attorney ready will make sure your evidence is ready and will smooth over your negotiations with insurance companies.