Ride Safe: Tips to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents

The South Carolina weather is perfect this time of year to get out and enjoy your motorcycle. Anyone who has ever enjoyed riding a motorcycle knows the increased risk for injury if you are involved in an accident. John Mobley Law Firm loves helping accident victims get the compensation they deserve, but we hope you stay safe and are never injured in a motorcycle accident. Here are some tips to help you ride safely and avoid injury.

Learn to ride. It’s an excellent idea for anyone planning to ride a motorcycle on the road to take a class. Even if you’ve ridden dirt bikes, a street motorcycle is very different. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) offers courses online and in person, and some can get you an insurance discount.

Dress for the occasion. By wearing the right gear, you can reduce the chance of injury if you are in an accident. Wear long pants and sleeves made of thick, protective material such as leather, gloves, eye protection, and boots that cover your ankles.

motorcycleBe visible. Always wear bright colors. Add reflective stickers and other elements to your clothing and motorcycle. And always ride with your headlight on.

Wear a helmet. We understand that some people do not want to wear a helmet, and it is your legal right not to wear one if that’s what you want. For safety, though, we suggest you wear a full-face, DOT-approved helmet.

Be aware. While driving your car, you might not pay much attention to sand or a small patch in the road, but they are serious hazards for a motorcyclist. Also watch out for other drivers who might be distracted.

Never drink or speed. Motorcycles are dangerous enough without being impaired from riding at excessive speeds. You need to be able to react and make decisions quickly.

These are just a few ways to reduce your risk of having a motorcycle accident and suffering severe injuries. If, however, you are involved in a motorcycle accident because of another person’s recklessness, contact the John Mobley Law today for a free consultation. We might be able to get you compensation for injuries, medical bills, pain and suffering and more.