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$5,000,000 verdict

$5,000,000 verdict – auto accident case where passenger killed by drunk driver.

$1,000,000 settlement

$1,000,000 settlement – Drunk driver accident that resulted in injuries and the bar that over-served the driver.

$600,000 settlement

$600,000 settlement – premise liability- child seriously injured from fall from inflatable slide on playground.

$600,000 settlement

$600,000 settlement – product liability – client developed liver cancer as a result of defective pharmaceutical drug.

$475,000 settlement

$475,000 premise liability settlement – patron fell down elevator shaft due to defective elevator door

$315,000 Settlement

$315,000 settlement workers compensation settlement – Employee injured leg after falling from train.

$300,000 Settlement

$300,000 Settlement – Negligent Supervision – Psychiatric facility failed to properly supervise and monitor a patient who subsequently attacked an innocent bystander.

$285,000 settlement

$285,000 workers compensation settlement – client injured back falling from ladder