Did You Lose Hair Permanently Due to Taxotere?

Did You Lose Hair Permanently Due to Taxotere?

We handle cases involving Taxotere in Columbia and Greenville, SC

While temporary hair loss is nothing new for many cancer patients, many women have become victims of permanent hair loss after taking a common chemotherapy drug. If you or a loved one has suffered permanent hair loss due to Taxotere or other products containing docetaxel, an experienced attorney can provide legal advice.

The John Mobley Law Firm handles personal injury cases involving Taxotere in the Columbia and Greenville, SC areas. The drug has been widely used since 1996 to treat breast and other forms of cancer. It’s typically administered every three weeks.

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Get the compensation you deserve

A drug manufacturer should perform appropriate tests before submitting a drug to the FDA. They must also warn patients of any potential side effects. We’ll help you determine the cause of your hair loss in an effort to fight for:

Past and future medical bill expenses
Counseling expenses
Loss of past and future earnings
Mental anguish
Emotional distress

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